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Windshield sun shields: keeping your car safe from the sun

We've all suffered through the pain of climbing into a car on a hot day. The sun's rays are often magnified by the windows of the car, resulting in heat being trapped inside. This can result in interior temperatures that are unbearable, and even deadly to humans and animals. In addition to stuffy and hot air, you'll find that on a hot day your car's interior can become so hot to the touch that it can burn you. This can make it difficult to drive your car, resulting in risks to your safety and the safety of other drivers or passengers. No one can drive safely if their gear stick or steering wheel is burning them, or if the heat is so bad that they can't concentrate on their driving. This is where windshield sun shields can come in handy.

There are several different types of windshield sun shields, and each has a different use. Some types of sunshields are placed on the interior of your windshield or windows when you have left the vehicle. These tend to have a reflective material on them, and are designed to reflect the sun's rays. By placing these particular sun shields in your car before you head off for your daily chores or for a day in the office, you can help keep your car at a regular temperature.

This will mean that you'll save time by not having to wait for your car to cool down, but you'll also likely save on gas due to not having to turn on the air conditioning. These types of sun shields are quite inexpensive and can be bought in a range of different sizes. They tend to be easy to fold up and store away, so you can always keep one in your car just in case a bout of hot weather strikes.

Other types of sun shields for windscreens and windows are designed to be slightly more permanent. You'll often see these pinned to car windows, and particularly when a car is carrying children. These screens can be adhered to windows using an adhesive, or by using a suction cup. They repel the sun and UV rays, meaning that your children won't get sunburned, and won't be affected by the glaring sun.

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